Monday, June 4, 2007

Reading Alert: Ian McEwan

Haven't read any of his yet, althought I've bought Atonement and Saturday is on my list. Tomorrow he'll be reading from his new book, On Chesil Beach, which funnily enough, recieved mixed reviews from two Times reporters (Michiku Kakutani vs. Jonathan Lethem). I haven't read the reviews, only because I'm deathly afraid of spoilers in book reviews, and you know, what if one day I want to read the thing??

In any case, for anyone who is interested in him, tomorrow's reading:

Where: 92nd Street Y (Lexington near 92nd)
When: June 5, 8 PM
Cost: Under 35 - $10, other tickets - $18 (advanced tix online)

Oh, I just checked the site and it's currently sold out. BUT, the website says you can try your luck right beforehand tomorrow, and maybe you can still get in. Sorry.

Oh, scratch that. According to Andrew from the 92nd Y (check my comments), more tickets are now available. Thanks, Andrew!

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Anonymous said...

More tickets are now available.

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