Monday, June 11, 2007

On a side note...

Sometimes I think I should expand this blog or something... write about writing (which I do all the time, secretly, the writing about writing part, not the plain writing. It's no secret I'm writing). My blog is kind of focused, no? But then I kind of started it for this very reason.

The only reason I say this is because I'm always reading other people's blogs, and they write about writing all the time. I try to not share anything too personal on this blog for good reason though.

I went through some of my old writing (and by "old" I mean all the stories my mom has saved in a folder since I was age 4-16), and it cracks me up. I almost want to share some of it.

Okay, but that wasn't the purpose of this blog. I should start a new blog if I'm going to be that crazy. No one wants to hear me rant about writing anyway. Nabokov is much more interesting.

[Was in the office by 7 am - which meant getting up at 5:45 - because I was told we all needed to be in. I came in, and no one was there but me! They all showed up at 7:45. RAWR.]

p.s. I have stuff to say about No Country For Old Men, but I'll wait on it a little bit.

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moonrat said...

I think if you make the blog very content-specific and stay true to that commitment you're giving yourself real legs. It's harder to keep writing everyday, but on the other hand it makes you a REAL BLOGGER as opposed to one more person who posts a bunch of crap on the internet (case in point: me).

moonrat said...

kiss of the spiderwoman! have you read it?

angelle said...

no... what is it about?

...and you know i have like 10 other blogs in which i do EXACTLY that - post a bunch of crap. this is the first content-driven blog i've ever kept!

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