Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Minot dives back to that world for screen.

NYMag's culture blog, which I read faithfully (but usually only scan for literature news and news around movies/tv shows I actually know), has a really interesting interview with Michael Cunningham and Susan Minot around the film version of Evening, which is coming out on June 29. They talk a little about taking a novel and turning it into a film, the differences between a novel and a film, and the changes they've made. For anyone interested in the whole book to film thing, I think it's kind of interesting.

Minot helped write the adapted screenplay, and I think it's interesting how she says that it's like delving back into the raw material. I like that. I think we forget as readers that often times there's a lot of backstory that never even makes it into the novel for whatever reason, plot or length or whatever. Writing the adaptation meant she could go back to that stuff, to that world, and see if there's things she can pull to the front.

Interesting also is how Cunningham says "There's no reason to hire me if my job is just to do what Susan did, only in a movie." Back to when we were talking about this before, it's true - a movie should have its own take on the material. I never used to be someone who liked that - I always got mad when movies didn't stay faithful to a book I loved (okay, I still kinda get mad), but I can see from a filmmaker's perspective why that doesn't make sense. It's a retelling, so it should change, because it's own piece of art in its own right.

Just interesting things to keep in mind...

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