Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Hollywood vultures smell meat (or just money)...

This article on soon-to-be-republished (currently self-published) YA book, Tunnels, makes me vaguely sick. Hollywood all over themselves trying to option it already?

I mean good god, calm yourselves people, before you pee in your pants. My question is, have any of these people ACTUALLY read the book yet? Is it that good? (I guess one of the people said they did, and passed, but I guess the comparison to the one-with-the-scar is just too hard for people to resist) Oh, the power of buzz....

This is when you remember that, even if you write for the love of the art, in the end, it really is ALL about money, and that's all anyone will ever look at it as, except for you. Ugh. Sellouts.

[No, I'm not just a teeny bit jealous. Not at all.]

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