Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cormac needs some media training services.

According to NYMag, Cormac's interview on Oprah sucks. You think people who show up for interviews are just naturally dazzling in their ability to seem so at ease in front of a public audience? Not true! God knows how many interviews we've had to handle at my job, coaching them, media training them, so they know how to respond with ease and carry themselves well.

Well, so apparently the famous recluse doesn't take any of the prep (and just hasn't seen enough media light to get any practice). So I guess the interview was no good.

I'd like to see it though. Wonder where I might catch it. YouTube?

Kind of a shame though, if it really is anti-climatic as it all sounds.

It's okay. The Road is still my #1 favorite book. And I got No Country for Old Men lined up next (a guy at Starbucks who was reading it said it was really good). Since the Coen Brothers are making a movie based on the book (and apparently early reviews from a Cannes screening were favorable), I think I better slip that into the mix before November, when it's apparently slated to come out.

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