Friday, May 4, 2007

Staying too fathful (and a brief digression of insomnia).

Interesting little update on Peter Jackson's adapted screenplay of The Lovely Bones.

Seems like he's doing exactly what Moonrat dislikes - staying too faithful to the film - and seems like the movie might suffer for it.

I, for one, don't remember the details of the book that well - I read it all through the night my junior year in college, all lights off except for my desklamp, until the early dawn broke through my lilac curtains by my bedside. It was eerie to read this book of death and loss in the dead of the night, to finish when the sun rose. Fitting almost, though I don't read books in metaphorical settings on purpose. That was simply just back in the days of college when you got away with staying up all night doing whatever the hell you wanted with no thought to consequence. Besides, back then, I was an insomniac who had trouble falling asleep despite how exhausted I was [flashback to brief substance dependency on nyquil capsules].

Anyway, the point was, it was so long ago and read in such a hover of time, that I don't remember much. So I guess I won't have too many expectations of the movie staying too faithful. But it does already seem concerning that he's cramming in every last detail of the book into the movie. It's about the heart of the matter, Jackson, the heart. Remember that.......

By the way, I love the early peek at the screenplay. Love behind the scenes. It fascinates me.

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moonrat said...

wow. that's really disappointing. the other thing--he's asking for $65 mill to make this movie, plus the actual production fees? doesn't he realize that no matter how well a literary masterpiece might have done, the movie version will usually pull in only about $25 mill at the box office? think of EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED, which probably sold (as a book) on-par with THE LOVELY BONES. this seems to have "kiss of death" written all over it.

angelle said...

Yeah he's crazy. He apparently thinks he's making LoTR trilogy all over again. CRAZY.

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