Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Turning books into movies.

According to this article, they're making The Road into a movie. Um, no. There are some books that should never be made into a movie, and this is one of them. I don't find this beautiful little tale to be something that should be remotely cinematic. I prefer for it to live in my mind instead of it being turned into some little post-apocalyptic blockbuster a la 28 Days Later. And I just think it would be really difficult to capture the simple beauty of the book - it would have to be done really well and handled delicately, which I'm unsure of this director's capability to do (not that I would know anything about directors; maybe I should ask Albert). So reading this article kind of made me cringe......

In related news, apparently Peter Jackson is making The Lovely Bones into a film too. Wonder how that one will turn out, since I rather liked the book. I guess Hollywood is getting too lazy to write their own stories. What's with all of this adapted screenplay shit? Well, that's all good for authors, right? Maybe one day I'll write a book that someone wants to make into a movie too....

While we're on the topic, I suppose it's a good time to make mention of the fact that Matt's book, Ball Don't Lie, is being made into a movie, a process I find incredibly intriguing. I catch up on the little blog of theirs sometimes, and it's so interesting to see the thoughts of the director as the process develops. A hefty undertaking it seems, but rooted in a vision, which is what I admire most about it. I guess nothing in art is ever easy - the constant balance between the commercial and the creative. Admirable, really. Exciting too.

Speaking of his book though, I've been meaning to do a backlog review of the other books I've had on my "recently read" list that I haven't said anything about yet, namely Inheritance of Loss and Love in the Time of Cholera in addition to Ball Don't Lie, but haven't had the chance to. Ah, well. Maybe later. There's only so much I have time for.

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moonrat said...

The sad thing about loving a book is that you'll ALWAYS be disappointed by a movie version of it, because inevitably there will be elements of the book that you loved that have been left out or changed.

So that tacitly accepted,I find the conversions that are most upsetting are the ones where the filmmakers fail to utilize their medium and instead try to be overly faithful to the text. Textbook example: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (I know I didn't spell that right). But the point is, this is a FILM, not a book on video. There was no value added with that movie. Fidelity at the price of art.

Then there are surprises, where the movie is necessarily different but which DO have the added value. In my humble opinion, EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED falls into this category (although I know that there are those who disagree).

angelle said...

everything illuminated as a movie was good? i can't even begin to imagine how they put that on screen. i don't know. maybe i'm a bookwhore, but i just don't like it when they try to turn some books into film. i think though, you're right, artistic interpretation is needed in order for it to become an original piece of work, but i also hate when the departure is too great that it changes the work implicitly. case in point, i had issues with certain parts of LoTR for how it changed things. and i didn't even finish reading the books!

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