Friday, May 4, 2007

Soap opera stars shouldn't talk all flowery.

120 pages left of Women in Love to go.

I'm so sick of it.

To be fair, it's gotten better over the last hundred pages or so. People have become a little less annoying, although I do kind of feel like I'm reading a soap opera with big words and flowery language.

There are ideas raised here and there that for a moment pique my interest, but then two pages later I'll forget about it. And I'll confess that I've skimmed through pages of text and allowed myself to be the ultimate lazy reader I can sometimes be when I don't keep myself in check.

Idle thoughts though, that I thought I should record -

1. Gerald vs. his father as a mine owner or whatever. His father is far too sympathetic, trying to balance "God"/charity/sympathy vs. economy/business. Gerald does the much more business-man thing. Reading that on the bus into work, it struck me why I'll never get past a certain level even if I stayed in business. I don't have the brutality and cutthroatness it takes. I'm way too "understanding".

2. Birkin's whole struggle - trying to retain his individuality, and the fact that he doesn't want love but something other than. Two whole beings. He doesn't want to fall into the idea of family because he thinks it's outdated. Interesting. I can somewhat sympathize. At the same time I can see Ursula's reason for being upset - she feels that his concept of what he wants her to be is so selfish because in some ways he doesn't want to commit to her but in other ways he wants her to be wholly his of sorts. Also interesting, at some point Ursula says something about how if he was wholly HERS, she'd lay it all down for him. That resonated with me because I'm totally that way.

3. Gudrun and Gerald are weird. And I was disturbed by the chapter where they smacked the poor rabbit into submission.

4. Sex is too abstract and flowery.

I think what bothers me about this book is, aside from the fact that the characters bother me, the language is so freaking flowery and yet it's like super flowery just to tell a story about these two couples who are essentially having a soap opera drama. It elevates it to some level it's not. Also, I feel like this story takes place in a lot more modern of a time than the language suggests. I mean, come on, sneaking into a girl's house and sleeping with her? Definitely not happening in the Victorian era books.

Anyway. Bear with me. 120+ pages and I can move on to better things. Hopefully something with easier language.

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moonrat said...

"Tawdry" is also an excellent word.

moonrat said...

did i spell that correctly?

moonrat said...

that's all right---i don't care if the met's been using that set for 50 years, it was still effing awesome. and yeah, i thought the prince was the weakest. he was also rather fat. quelle disappointment. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Nessun Dorma. it's my favorite song in the WORLD and it should be done justice. yeah, pavarotti will do, i suppose.

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