Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Philip Roth has me thinking about my own family.

The things I keep thinking about reading this book-

1. Being a parent is HARD. The Swede reminds me of me in a way. The way he is overly diplomatic. I'm kind of like that sometimes, and I know how it can be bad. I'm too willing to see both side of things or be "liberal", "openminded". This is no good when dealing with children I guess. I can see myself dealing with Merry in the same way he did, and I can see why sometimes you just need to take a firm stance. It worries me - I wonder what kind of mother I'd be.

2. Merry reminds me of my brother a little. I worry for him (not as much now) sometimes, and his extremist tendencies. As a parent, where do you stop thinking something is a "phase" and something is something more? Also, the Swede's thoughts of how Merry could possibly hate this country resonated so strongly with me because I feel that way sometimes about how my brother says he "hates" this country that has given his parents, grandparents the opportunity to succeed so that he can have the life he has had now. I'm a patriot in ways - I disagree with the government at times, but I love America. America has given me the life I have.

More thoughts swirling, but can't vocalize them now. I had passages I wanted to highlight but now I can't remember which anymore. More later.

p.s. I am still heartbroken over missing JSF/Nicole Krauss tomorrow. I am envious of their life.

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moonrat said...

but...seriously...they might have a super-unhappy or -competitive marriage, but they have to keep up their public front of gut-wrenching love, so it's very possible they're super-miserable people who spend their non-writing time psychologically attacking each other.

does that help?

yeah, i didn't think so.

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