Friday, May 4, 2007

He died. Oh well.

I "finished" Women in Love (ie: I skimmed through the last 80 pages).

This is what happens:

Birkin and Ursula are finally normal.
Gerald has crazy thoughts about killing Gudrun, but then ends up dying himself.

The end.

Oh well.

On to the next.

(Yeah I lost patience by the end. And I was doing so well up until the last 80 pages, but they were just so friggin annoying.)

Okay, Lawrence, I wasn't too impressed with you. Or maybe it's just a matter of personal preference. I just don't like your style. But I did it! And I can say I did it.

Now something less... blah.

3 drops:

C. Dappen said...

Yay, Philip Roth!

moonrat said...

skimming is JUST FINE. the definition of having completely read a book is having turned every single page. so you're well safe.

moonrat said...

this is haven't read or commented on my blog in the last 3 hours. i feel...desolate. what could be wrong?!?

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