Monday, May 21, 2007

Creative book publicity and an aside on possible future career.

If you can't tell by now, I don't read news (except for work-related healthcare industry stuff) - I read NYMag.

And the thing I love most about NYMag is how it keeps me abreast of fun book stories. I've established with Moonrat today that I'm a book nerd (um, as evidence by this site), and I actually enjoy reading about book news.

[Aside: This then launched into the question of, since I am considering a career change in about, well, 6 months, should I go into something publishing related? I always wondered if being in the industry would jeopardize my attempts to you know, be the industry. If it would somehow screw up my vision to be an author. Make me jaded somehow. Or else just suck all my desire for the industry at all. Would working in publishing - even in something more corporate or - gasp - PR (my current line of work) - ruin it for me? Do I need to separate work from passion? A job that pays the bills vs my not-so-hobby? Reality vs. art? I am worried about tainting my love for writing, taiting my writing because I will start to be wholly conscious of what sells as a product, instead of what the art is. Inevitable perhaps, but I'd like to create art and then have to maybe make concessions to make something marketable instead of right off the bat trying to create something marketable, you know what I mean? But maybe working in an industry where I'm surrounded by book, which I love, would be good for me....]

Anyway, this I found intriguing. A lot of different products have attempted to use the ARG tactic, including the TV show "Lost", Xbox, A.I. Some of them are more successful than others - and unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure a book and ARG players have the same target audience (unless you are a total nerd like me). In order for it to be work, it has to be complete and intricate. I just keep wondering how this book has big enough budget to do that and pull it off. Viral marketing of any type is tricky tricky - if you're lucky it's a rave success, if you're not, advertisers and consumers look at you in disdain. Believe me, I know. A client of mine tried to pull of a smaller scale viral marketing plan before and... it didn't go down so well. In any case, I'm intrigued by the idea that they are doing this for book publicity. I wonder how that came about and how it ties into their brand image for this book. (Hmm, there's the professional business oriented side of me coming out!) Being the nerd that I am, I may have to check it out.

Book publicity intrigues me. It seems completely unlike the PR I deal with day in and day out. I actually don't know if I could do it, however much I love books. At least healthcare has meaning...

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trust me. you can.

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