Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cormac and Oprah as seen by NY Mag (or, A thinly veiled post really about my weekend).

I am back. I have survived. But just in case you were dying to know, I should have knocked on wood a little harder when I said, "nothing fiction-worthy". Saturday, 13 miles from our whitewater rafting reservation, we got ourselves into a car accident. We were fine (our SUV was defnitely not in driving condition though - although luckily we drove two) - but the moment before was completely surreal. I was reminded of "Car Crash" from Jesus' Son, of all things. Those moments right before. I knew before it happened that it was happening, but I still didn't think it would happen. Then I heard "Oh SHIT!" and then I knew it was no good. Minor, but what ensued was a little bit of chaos (that in retrospect is kind of funny, and involves illegal immigrants, gnats, lying, hitchhiking, Canadians and being stranded in the middle of nowhere).

And it POURED on my birthday. We sat in a tent listening to thunder and lightening and torrential rainfall, playing boardgames and eating chips/salsa and cookies for dinner. Mmmm.

ANYWAY, that is not what I wanted to share today. What I wanted to share was this funny little piece from NYMag on Oprah's scheduled interview with recluse writer, Cormac McCarthy. As we all know, The Road was a strange choice for Oprah's Book Club, and yet, there it is. And since it is my number one favorite book, I take note of these things. But this cracked me up.


p.s. Ghostwritten review to go up tomorrow...

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