Friday, May 18, 2007

But what about Jack Bauer??

I am subscribed to a number of blogs, one of which is NY Mag's Vulture, which brings me little tibits of culture and entertainment with snarky commentary.

This particularly cracked me up for some reason.

People who write these little blurbs must have a hell of a time. [Actually, after reading the Pub Rants blog, I guess they sort of do]

And Chuck Norris!!! If there can be a book about Chuck Norris...

...okay fine, completely different kind of book.

But still.

2 drops:

moonrat said...

Dude. I totally know Patrick Mulligan at Gotham. He's approximately our age. So there.

angelle said...

Hmm. Is he cute? And. That's um... great... I'm just trying to imagine that on someone's resume. "Oh, you know that Chuck Norris internet meme book? Yep, that was ALL ME! I BOUGHT THAT BOOK!" I don't know why, but I just think that's really really funny. I'm wondering how he pitched that to his boss. "There's this AWESOME BOOK we just HAVE to buy. Yes. It's about CHUCK NORRIS!" I'd like someone else to please buy a picture book with all those David Hasselhoff photos with stupid captions too, please. I think that would be a great sell.

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