Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Book to movie updates.

In book-to-movie news:

1. Evening by Susan Minot. I wasn't aware that it was being turned into a movie, but yesterday at Borders, I saw the new front cover with Claire Danes (who was recently asking me what had become of her?) so I guess it is. I read this book on Shirley's recommendation. It was very stream-of-conscious, had that weird blending to it, well-fit for a story about a woman on her deathbed. I didn't love it, but it was nice enough of a read. Sad though. But it's one of those books I can imagine will actually make a really nice movie with all the memory flipping back and forth. The movie seems to have an outstanding cast: in addition to Claire Danes, there's Meryl Streep, Vanessa Redgrave, Glenn Close and a few others.

2. The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials I) by Philip Pullman. The first of a great YA fantasy trilogy, the trailer for this finally came out. I had no idea that Nicole Kidman was playing Mrs. Coulter, but I'm kinda excited. Hopefully this will be better than the disappointing Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe that came out a few years ago. I liked this trilogy a lot when I read it (though I do have to confess that I can't remember a lot of the details anymore). I laughed aloud though, at NYMag's snarkiness on the comparison to Lord of the Rings in the trailer. Seriously, what were the marketing people thinking? Anyway, I thought the great thing about this series was that it was the "anti-Narnia". I remember thinking that even though it was so much compared (and has a similar "feel") to the beloved series, the topics it dealt with and the ideology behind it was completely dissimilar if you really thought about it. Well, the graphics on the trailer look pretty awesome and I love these epic fantasy movies... I might have to re-read the book and just remind myself of all the finer plot details, but I'm pretty excited about this movie.

By the way, you can get your own daemon on the website (that means nothing to you people who haven't read the book, but it's basically your animal counterpart for life) - so I'm Klitus, a butterfly. "Softly-spoken, solitary, clever, relaxed, a leader." Really? If they had simply said "social butterfly" then maybe. Okay, I just needed an animal with multiple personalities, really. (P.S. I am, however, slightly disturbed by the NAME of my daemon. Um. Can you imagine? Hi, this is my daemon Klitus... okay, do I just have a dirty mind?)

3. Ball Don't Lie by Matt de la Peña. Aka my former writing teacher. As he's told me a couple of times now, the movie version of his book starts shooting on May 29th. If you've ever wondered what a process of getting a book turned into an indie film entails, the blog is really interesting, just to see it from both a writer and a director's point of view, comments on the process and whatnot. I'm sure it's some sort of dream come true to have your words transposed to the big screen - but then there's the commercial struggle of it all. Especially when your book isn't some Dan Brown thriller, and Hollywood only operates on big bucks and your typical cheesy feel-good stories, a process like this must be incredibly daunting. But as Matt's latest blog implies, there must be an amazing feeling to know that, your dream, your little story, your own little vision that existed in your own little bubble is now breaking out and becoming something else, somebody else's, giving paychecks to other people. That all these people are now part of the world that originally was singularly your own. I think that's so exciting, especially given that it's been done so organically, because it's proving to the businessmen of the world that despite the need to be practical and commercial and whatnot, the heart of it can remain true, and art can still exist. Anyway good luck to Matt and his gang on production!

And that's all for book-to-movie news for now.

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moonrat said...

...and again...this just makes me sad because MY book will never be optioned!! (seeing as i don't have a book)

angelle said...

don't be sad. it could happen!!! no, seriously, why in the hell not? let's all just write prize-winning novels that get turned into award-winning films. one day i'm going to have albert adapt my film. no, seriously, i will. okay. pipe dream, maybe, but it could happen. we're young. what did you say in your own blog?? PERSEVERANCE! yes, i am turning your own words back on you. you are a writer first, an editor second. WRITER FIRST!

i might be a bit of a better writer if i had a cupcake though.

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