Monday, April 30, 2007

What do you do when you hate all of the characters in a book?

So far, I'm not too impressed with Women in Love, but mostly because I find his characters annoying. Everyone in the novel so far has mad issues, and they're so snotty and have all sorts of power issues and jealousy and other things. And they're so frivolous. Like Gudrun, she just keeps complaining about how everyone around her sucks. Well, go back to London then! Ursula, I don't get her deal, she just sits around and feels all uncomfortable, and Hermione is this superficial wreck who loves to make Birkin look like an idiot just because he doesn't want her anymore, Birkin is just an asshole who likes to be difficult, Gerald just seems to like women a lot and have a lot of weird ideas about the world. I mean, seriously, they're all just a big bunch of annoying brats, and I want to clobber all of them. 120 pages into the book. That means I have a little less than 400 left, and I don't know I can sit with them for that much longer. I just kind of want to be like, OH COME ON!

My aunt recommended it to me, so she keeps asking me what I think of it. I had to tell her the truth, that I really dislike all the characters so far, but I guess we'll see. With 400 more pages to go, I hope I latch on to somebody and start caring for one of them. Because otherwise, this is going to be a really long exercise....

On a separate note though, I do have to say that while the antiquity of Lawrence's language bores me a little bit, he does well with descriptions and what not. I'm not sure how I like his use of the omniscient 3rd because there is a lot of transitioning POVs of characters even within a paragraph which I'm not terribly fond of. But it does give you a good glimpse into each of the characters' mindsets (allowing me to hate them all equally as I find out their ridiculous thoughts). He also has a lot of these little ideological rambles on knowledge and humanity and stuff that is interesting for the moment, but if anything while I'm kind of pondering them, I get so wrapped up in how irritating these people having this discussion are, that I end up not caring about the topic at hand anymore. So I hope he wasn't trying to make any sort of ideological point.

Okay. But maybe it will get better. Will keep at it and update later.

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