Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sucked in by The Strand.

On my way to the Parkinson's Walk, I passed by the Strand little outside shop thing. Laying out on the table were so many of the books I wanted to get that I felt I would have to start buying up. I asked the guy when they would be there until, and when I finished my walk, I looped back and bought up NINE books. The great thing about the Strand is that it is friggin cheap. For someone like me, trying to just read up on the popular and classic stuff, this works out well. In any case, I now have more books than I can carry with me back home. And I had to forgo some others too - figured I should stay away from anymore Murakami for now, will wait on reading a new McCarthy for a bit, will wait on Vonnegut for next time, etc. Also bought a book on one of the guy's recommendations which he called one of his favorites, and said that the author visited the store often too and he was buddies with him. I'm always open to a suggestion, so I bought that too. But nine books and it was only $60. Nice. I think I'll buy books from the Strand every weekend, the way other people go to the market.

Not that I don't love Barnes. But I guess I'll keep Barnes to buy the lesser known stuff that I might not be able to find easily at this stall.

I'm so excited. I love owning new books.

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C. Dappen said...

Getting new books is the best.

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