Friday, April 27, 2007

Stalking dreams dashed.


So I found out that JSF and Nicole Krauss are doing a reading (along with several of Granta's other Best Young American Novelist winners) in Brooklyn on May 10th. This is like, my dream. I've been dying to go stalk them, because I loved their books, and am extremely envious of their little writer's-power-couple relationship. I freaking want their life! There are very few things I would haul ass all the way to Brooklyn for, and believe me, this is one of them. I know JSF is controversial, and Nicole Krauss's History of Love is looked upon with a cynical eye because it sounds so JSF-esque. But whatever, their novels are good novels and managed to touch me so. So I WANT TO GO!

BUT. But but but but.


Dammit to hell. There is NO WAY I'm getting out of that. I mean his grad is during the day, but I'm fairly certain my parents are going to want to do a celebratory dinner at night time. Maybe my brother will try to cop out and insist he wants to hang out with his friends instead. That would be ideal.

I'm a HORRIBLE sister. I totally want to skip out on his graduation dinner so that I can go stalk a couple of authors in Brooklyn. OMG, seriously though. When I found out they were going to do a reading, I almost peed my pants in excitement. Only to have my hopes dashed.

Sigh. Okay, I keep checking readings listings in hopes that something else nearly as good will come up that I can be excited about. The only thing I'd be more excited about though, would be to meet Cormac McCarthy and tell him how his book just totally saved my life.

For those that are interested and want to go though, the info for the reading is as follows:

Thursday, May 10th
8:00 PM
Book Court
163 Court Street
Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

Blargh. So disappointed.

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