Thursday, April 26, 2007

Decisions, decisions.

Barnes is amazing with their frequent discount coupons. The great thing is that while I get a 15% members coupon emailed to my personal address, I also get a regular guy's 10% coupon emailed to my work address. Each one has both a store version and an online version. Which means that I can effectively buy 4 books on discount. Combined with my 10% discount that I already get as a member, that's a pretty damn big discount for someone who buys up books like the public library. I've attempted to calculate this before so that I get the most bang for my buck, but these days I just buy whatever and figure I'm saving something so that's good enough.

Anyway, this weekend at Barnes I was so tempted to buy a few books, but now I'm glad I held out because the coupons are in my inbox again. So now I have to go through my vast list of books and decide what it is exactly I want to buy?

I'm going to end up in the range of something like 6 books:

1 10% off in the store
1 15% off in the store
1 10% off online + a cheaper book to make a $25 cut for free shipping
1 15% off online + a cheaper book to make a $25 cut for free shipping

I've decided I'll make the two "cheaper" books a couple volumes of some of the classics, since they always come in less than ten bucks. I may have to do Anna Karenina because even though I have it for free as a word document, 700 pages is simply not doable for me on a screen.

What else, what else?

It's never a question of, oh, man, I have nothing to buy, but a question of, crap, what do I want to buy FIRST?

6 books - I think I should do an even cut between fundamental must-reads (pull a couple off of M's list) and books I want to read. No Murakami this time. Even though I'm slowly but surely making my way through everyone of his novels, I think I need to try something else out. Maybe David Mitchell and Ian McEwan?

Hmm. Okay, I'll update when I've decided on my six.


Wow. They're really capitalizing on the fact that people are into literature and trade paperbacks these days. You can't find the classics for good and cheap! They're all redone with new covers and nice paper and fricking $14 each! WTF! I want a flimsy copy of Lolita, not some uber fancy one with a pretty new cover. The content inside is the same, no?!

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