Thursday, April 26, 2007

Books that make me mad.

There are a few books out there that get published and hyped up that make me SO MAD. Like, they don't deserve to be out there. I should start a list. But currently, I've been reminded of the fact that The Secret pisses me off. What a load of crap. Around a gimmick. Like really. It's just another one of those self-help books, marketed with a pretty cover and some aura of mysticism or something. That book makes me so angry.

Mitch Albom makes me mad too. The fact that he's built an entire career around writing not-so-great books pushing feel-good crap straight in your face. It works too. I own all the Mitch Albom books and I don't know why. Damn him.

I also abhor chicklit. I mean, sure, there's a few well-written ones out there I'm sure. But the general genre of it makes me mad. A fashionista dealing with dating, make up and fashion emergencies, some crazy boss or crazy boy, in some city setting. I. hate. chicklit. I think it's one of those formulaic genres that is mostly not that well-written, but just appeases the masses of women who don't want to read real literature. Which is fine, I mean, hey, everyone has their own taste. But I guess as an aspiring writer, it makes me so mad that people are making SO MUCH MONEY off of these things, even commisionning the damn books.

Anyway. Had to vent.

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moonrat said...

haha. and at the same time part of me wants to write them...

C. Dappen said...

Hey. I found your blog through "reading for writers." My blog is for a class (Advanced Fiction Writing). I'm a writer as well. An amateur, but still.

I agree with you on all the crap that's being published that's making tons of money. How do you feel about Nicholas Sparks?

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